The latest updates to Base are designed to help you cut through the noise and focus on information that’s relevant to you. This article highlights some of the  design and feature updates that support this mission.
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What's covered in this article:

What are Lists and how to be a power Base user.

Lists are essential in the life of a Sales Professional and now play an even larger part of the Base experience. First, for those of you who don't know what lists are let's give a quick review. 

List allow you define what matters to you most in your records, and work with them accordingly. Say, for example you have 1,000 leads in Base, in order to  be effective you might want to only view leads in a certain area or leads from a industry or even leads that are waiting for your response. With Lists you can cut through the clutter and view the information that is most important to you.

Typically you will want to start with your "Working List".  This list starts with everything you have access to in Base. From here you can filter your list to find the insight you are looking for or create a curated list that you want to refer back to later. Once you have your filters set just click the "Save Smart List" to save this list for future use. 

If you are looking for idea's on what lists to create, check out this article:
What Smart Lists to create in Base

Creating a list

Creating a list in Base is quick and easy.  

  • First click on the Leads/Contacts/Deals icon at the top of the Base menu. 
  • Next, click  the Menu icon next to the name of the list you are in. This will bring up the current selection of Lists that you have already created.
  • Click the  "+ New Smart List" button.

  • Now you will have a blank list that you can customize. 
  • Start by clicking "+ Field" to add any fields to your list.
  • Next you can filter any of these filters to show specific information, for example if you have "Last Email Received" as a column you can set a date range to only see deals that had a email received in the last week.
  • Once you have all of the columns added and filtered click on the Save button and give this list a name. 
  • You can create as many lists as you need. Smart Lists in Base are a great way to keep you organized and focused on the right people at the right time.

User interface refresh

We continuously iterate on the Base design to ensure an intuitive and simple experience for our users. You'll notice a number of user interface updates such as a new font, new icons and updated views in Base as part of this update. 

The below screenshot highlights some of the design changes including;

  • Updates to each view (Stage, Table, List)
  • Revamped filtering options
  • Updated navigation icons and components
  • Updated font and color scheme

A few other important items to call out with our new Design:

  • On a List view or Stage view page you can hide or expand the Filters on the right hand side. 
  • When a list of filters is expanded you can click on the Up or Down arrow next to any Filter in order to sort your list top to bottom or bottom to top.

Add a Lead Contact or Deal from anywhere

Adding a lead, contact or deal just got a lot easier. With the new "global add" option in the navigation bar, you can create a new record from anywhere in the Base.

Seamless Smart List navigation

Use the view that works for you

We've made Smart Lists even better. Now, you have the power to create a Smart List and use the updated view switching capabilities to examine that List in either Table, Stage or List view depending on what works best for you.

Previously, views in Base were disconnected. For example, if you were viewing your "Deals >$100K" in Stage View and wanted to then work on the same deals in a Smart List, you would have to navigate to the Smart List view and reset all your filters to find the same set of deals.

Smart Lists now power all of our available views in Base. This means you can view, edit and update that same "Deals >$100K" Smart List from either a Stage View, Table View or List View. Best yet, when you save this list, you'll be able to quickly view updates in our New Smart List summary view (more on that below).

New Smart List Center

You can now quickly understand what's happening in each of your Smart Lists with the new Base Smart List Center. The Smart List Center provides an overview of and quick access to each of your saved leads, contacts and deals Smart Lists.

All saved Smart Lists will automatically show in the Smart List Center along with any Smart List drafts you or your team had prior to the user experience refresh.

Batch actions on Smart Lists

Batch actions allow users to select multiple records to either update or action (change owner, move stage, switch pipelines, add to call list, etc.). We've added batch actions to Smart Lists. 

Remember how we said Smart Lists now power all views? This means you can conduct batch actions on your Smart List directly from Stage, Table or List view. 

Smart List templates

We've added the ability for Base administrators to create and share Smart List templates with their team. Admins can create custom templates for leads, contacts and deals based on their teams' specific sales needs. For example, create Smart List templates for new hires that may need a hint on where to start their day. This could be "My new leads" or "Deals pending my response". 

In addition to creating custom Smart Lists, users will be able to select from the list of templates you provide. They will then be able to save and modify each list to their specific needs.

If you have any questions regarding the refreshed Base user experience, please let us know. You can click on the bubble on the bottom right corner to connect with us.

Next Tasks in SmartLists

Many times Sales Reps want a quick view of their current deals along with the next task due. Now in any list you can add a filter for "Next Task". You can even filter your list by this column to see deals that have tasks with due dates at a certain date or with a specific name.

Happy selling! 

You can also check out this quick overview with some of the benefits of this update:

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