Personalizing your Unqualified Reasons enables you to analyze the most common reasons Deals, which did not meet your qualification criteria, slip through. This will help you to optimize lead sources and scoring, refine qualification criteria, identify coaching opportunities and so much more.

Here are (3) tips and tricks for configuring your own Unqualified Reasons:

  1. Create a multitude of options to ensure all scenarios in which a Deal may be Unqualified are provided as options. Be thorough
  2. Don't create an 'Other' Unqualified Reason as a catch-all. This data is hard to manage and results in unusable reporting
  3. Try not to get Unqualified Reasons confused with Loss Reasons (chose a competitor, feature gaps, didn't connect with the right stakeholder, etc.) 

Once you've customized your Unqualified Reasons, next time a Deal moves to Unqualified, the person moving it will be prompted to enter in why they unqualified it!

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