Use Fields to collect and store the information that is important to your organization. Base offers two types of fields: Standard Fields and Custom Fields. Custom Fields allow you to store and organize data that’s specific to your business. Accounts which configure at least 5 custom fields, over their first 3 months, often see a 19% increase in the number of Deals they close!

For example, if you're in the Solar Industry you may want to track 'Roof Type' or 'Utility Provider'. Watch this quick video to find out how to tailor these to match your sales process.

Follow these (3) quick steps to begin setting up your Deal Custom Fields: 

  1. Don’t use Single-Line Text type fields unless necessary, as user’s inputs will be unstandardized (ex. CA, California, cali). Dropdown, Date/Time, and Multi-Select fields afford more insightful reporting since they allow you to pre-define the choices
  2. Use clear and concise language when naming fields. Keep in mind reps, both new and old, will be relying on your naming convention to identify when and how to input data
  3. Place priority on your most important Fields. Base enables you to reorder Custom Fields after creating them to match the order your reps will be collecting information

Head over and start customizing your Fields, by following the button below. As you create and edit Fields your team will have real-time access to your changes, and begin collecting those critical data points immediately!

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