Closing deals in Base all starts with having the right data imported. We suggest you start by importing your current list of Leads and making sure you have the key fields included like email, phone, address and any other key identifiers.  You will also want to import your current contacts that you are already in your sales pipeline.

Once you have a CSV file of your Leads and Contacts the file can be uploaded right from your Base account's settings.

Pro Tip: You will import Leads and Contacts separately to Base. Friendly reminder, Leads are potential clients that have not yet qualified to become a Contact in your sales process. A Lead will typically become a Contact once you’ve identified more specifics around what product or service they’re interested in, qualifying them to enter the first stage of your Sales Pipeline. 

Check out the following video to learn how to import a CSV file in Base or get started now by clicking the Import a CSV file button below.

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