What is Reach?

Reach is an easy and powerful new way to quickly identify, import and enrich Leads and Contacts in Base. This integrated prospecting experience allows you to identify prospects from a database of over 300M professionals and enrich records for deeper context.

How can I Prospect with Reach?

Whether you're trying to identify new people to sell to, or you are analyzing past deal performance, Reach has your back. 

For prospecting, you'll find a new button under the Global Add dropdown that says Prospect. This is where you can activate the Reach prospector and build your lists in Base.

With the Reach prospector, reps no longer need to waste hours combing through Linkedin and other data sources. Everything is available directly within Base. Use the Company filters to specify which companies you'd like to sell to. You're presented with a list of companies meeting this criteria.

If a company exists in Base already, it will have a small Base logo next to their name to specify this.

Once you've built your account list, specify which roles you'd like to sell to within these companies using filters like Role, Title or even Seniority.

What you have created is a target account list along with the specific people at each account that meet you're prospect definitions.

Enriching Records With Reach

Manually entering data into Base (or any CRM) is a pain. Often times manual data entry results in incomplete data where only the most critical pieces of information actually make it into Base. Reach enrichment allows you to enter an email address or Website and generate a rich profile. In the GIF below, you can see how "getbase.com" unlocks 12 additional fields 🙌.

Prospecting VS Enrichment

With Reach, you'll hear two terms used, "Prospect" and "Enrichment". Each plan will include a specified amount of credits for each activity. In short, Prospecting is when Reach provides you new people to sell to and Enrichment is when Reach is adding additional information to a person or company that already exists.


Use Reach to Prospect if you have an idea of who you want to get in touch with or if you’re looking to generate new Leads entirely. 


Only have a company website handy? No problem. Use Reach Enrich to immediately build a fuller profile on their Lead or Contact card in Base or replace outdated info with a relevant up-to-date profile.

Prospect vs Enrich

Let’s take an example, say you have a certain company in mind that you believe would be a good fit for your product or service. Use the Prospect option with Reach to uncover a point of contact you need to get in touch with or use the Enrich option to retrieve key details around the company that could influence buyer behavior, like company size or market capitalization.

How do I activate Reach?

Any Admin on the account can purchase credits to start using Reach at any time, just head over to Plans & Pricing. Settings > Plans & Pricing > Change Plan

From here, hit Change Plan to add Reach to your existing subscription.

For now, Reach isn't available on trials, but you can activate it month-to-month to give it a try.

Pricing and Credits

We have 3 different tiers depending on how much prospecting your team is looking to funnel automatically into Base:

Where is Reach Available?

Reach can be used with all plans and is currently only available to customers based in the United States.

To learn more about Reach, head over to our blog:  https://blog.getbase.com/base-reach

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