Welcome to the Working Center, the focal point of the new Base experience! From this view you'll be provided the ability to browse through custom segmentations of your Leads, Contact and/or Deals via Smart Lists!

As the naming convention, and brief description, mention, the Working Center holds two types of Lists: your Working List and Smart Lists. These Lists are specific to each object-type in Base (Leads, Contacts and Deals). The Working List is meant to one-off-tasks or research, while Smart Lists should be created and maintained to reflect actions or view you see yourself needing on a consistent basis.

Within your Working Center, you'll find a comprehensive overview of your Smart Lists, along with key metrics such as a count of the Total Deal, or Actionable items contained within each Smart List.

If you'd like to add a new Smart List select either the New List button or choose a template that your Admin has already created for you. The Templates button will only appear if an Admin has already configured a Template for your team to use!

If you're finding that you have a large number of Smart Lists, you can scroll through these cards using the dots at the bottom of the page or the left right arrows on the side of the screen. You can also sort your lists either Alphabetically or based on how recently you've viewed them, by using the Sorted by dropdown in the upper right corner.

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