Creating Smart Lists for your team is the best way to ensure that everyone focuses on the right deals at the right time. With Smart Lists, Sales Reps can organize their lists of Leads, Contacts or Deals to keep them focused. These Smart Lists may target groups by different items like Location, Actionable Steps, or communication that needs a followup on. 

You can now setup Smart List Templates that your other team members can easily add to their account.  Any Base administrator can create and share Smart List templates with your team. With this you can create custom templates for leads, contacts and deals!

To create your Smart List templates follow these quick steps:

  1. Head on over to your Settings in Base and click on Leads, Contacts or Deals. 
  2. Click on "List Templates" and then the green "Create List Template" button.
  3. Now you can add any columns, sort or filter the list to include exactly what you need.
  4. Click the green "Save Template" button to save this for all your users.

Once you save a Smart List template any user in your account can click on the Templates button from the Smart List Center and add this template to their account.

Creating the right Smart Lists are essential to make sure you are focusing on the right deals. Setup your Smart Lists templates now to superpower your team!
NOTE: If you make any changes to the Smart List template this will NOT be updated on any users who have added this Smart List to their Base account in the past. It will only impact people that add the Template to their account going forward.

Here are a few Smart List templates you might want to setup; your reps Outbound Deals from a certain city, Deals that are waiting on a proposal or those that haven't been spoken to in awhile. If you are looking for some more examples check out these Smart Lists to create.

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