Find your view preference.

In Base, you can choose to view your data in two different ways: Table View or List View. If you want to see more data in the fields you’ve chosen to filter on, you’ll work in Table View. If you just want to see simple information, you’ll work in List View. Below outlines advantages to both.

Table View

This view is ideal for trying to see a series of information about your Leads outside of the Lead’s name--same goes for Contacts and Deals. Table View gives you more context when viewing your Leads, Contacts, or Deals by allowing you to add additional fields in the form of columns in order to see the data for those fields. 


List View

This view preference is a simplified way to work with your data by focusing on the Lead, Contact, or Deal name without clouding your view with other fields. Focus on the name of the person or company and reference the fields in your List using the Filters tab located to the right of your list.

Stage View
Within Deals you have a Stage View which allows you to view your Deals segmented by their pipeline stage. You can access the Stage View in your Deal tab by clicking the double arrow icon.

Clicking into the stage name will toggle between each of your stages.

Just like in the Leads and Contacts List View, you can add additional field to filter by on the right side of the page.

At the very bottom of the screen you’ll see a summary of the following:

  • Total Deals 
  • Total Value
  • Average Value

This will be broken down between ‘Current Stage’ in green, and ‘Current List’ in grey

 Switching Views

To switch back and forth between views of any Smart List just click on the icons at the top right.

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