What are Smart Lists?  
The ultimate solution for being more productive in Base and selling more!

Be more efficient by creating lists to focus on particular groups of leads, contacts, or deals you’re reaching out to. We recommend creating numerous lists which are based on certain information stored in Base. Let’s take a look at a few examples to get started.

Sell to Leads by Industry.

Depending on your role in the sales world, you may have a large number of leads being generated but how do you get started with reaching out and connecting with these prospects? Add a field to a new list to hone in on a particular group of prospects. 

For example, if I have 100 new leads added to Base that I need to reach out to, it may be valuable to create a list that focuses on Industry so when I contact a lead in the Solar Industry, the next 20 leads are also in the solar industry. Make your life easier and establish a strong workflow with the ability to hone into all new leads in a particular industry then move onto the next industry to tackle a different list, as opposed to reaching out to prospects in all different industries.

New Untouched Leads.

Focus on outreach to brand new leads - utilize Lead Status to filter on New Leads and refine your list to know specifically who has not yet been reached out to. Add fields, such as Days Since Last Communication, which you’re able to filter by to see specifically leads that you haven’t reached out to yet. 

Outreach by Region.

Create another list to reach out to prospects in the same time zone. Add the State field to your list and create a group of leads with a specific geographic location to make your outreach more efficient. 

Better follow-ups

What about staying on top of your prospects you’ve already reached out to? Create a contact smart list and utilize the communication filters to figure out who has opened your email, the number of days it’s been since your last communication, and ultimately who needs to be contacted again. Create these groups that you should follow up with using our [Communication Smart List]. Maybe they didn’t respond to your email or return your call - uncover exactly who these contacts are to follow up quickly and never lose a sale for poor follow up. 

Tips from your sales experts

  1. Create more lists. Creating 50 lists won’t be realistic, but don’t be afraid to create a bunch of lists. It’s good to have core lists that optimize your outreach based on fields relevant to your sales process that you’ll use on a regular basis. Create lists outside of your main go-to’s to explore how you could organize groups of leads or contacts to sell more.
  2. Hone in on key fields. Understand what fields are critical to selling more and create a list based on each. The type of prospects you’re reaching out to, the product or service you’re selling, and your role in sales make it difficult to suggest a specific set of fields to use but some questions to ask yourself about your sales process:

Now that you know what lists are create a new Smart List now:

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